Voice Over

Your voice over job is always given top priority, with most projects turned around in hours (if not immediately!) depending on their length. You’ll always get a number of different versions to choose from, making production on your end a breeze.

Need accents? Mark will do his best…French, Italian, English…just let him know.

His real strength is a natural, friendly read. The voice you can trust.

Drama…no problem. Comedy…even better. Mark’s vast array of fun character voices can make your message pop.

A strong voice is often needed for corporate narration, and Mark can deliver that read.

Need fixes or extra takes to make it perfect…ask…and they’ll be in your inbox asap.

What are your technical requirements? Wav or MP3? What sample rate? All you have to do is let him know, and it will be done to your specifications…on time…everytime.

Contact Voice Over Artist Mark La Pointe